Over the past 50 years, Fermar has developed their asphalt and granular products out of the two plants that are owned.

In the 1960’s Fermar acquired the property which is now the site of our Dixie plant. Being in a prime geographical location, Dixie, with its state of the art computerized technology operating a fully automated system, is mainly a customer based plant as it provides our Customers easy access to major highways for transportation purposes. This fluidity for the Customers is key to their operations and allows Fermar to produce high volumes of product daily to meet their needs.

Fermar later acquired the plant located at 1921 Albion road in the late 1980’s. With most of the original equipment still in operation, Fermar has retrofitted it to include the most updated computer software programming to also allow this plant to be fully automated. This plant produces more of the specialty mixes found in some of the MTO specifications as well as mizes that include fibers.

As Fermar is committed to being environmentally sensitive, both plants are equipped with sprinkler systems and water treatments to promote dust suppression. In addition to same, the Dixie plant accepts quantities of broken concrete and asphalt that are then recycled and repurposed as use in other mixed products.

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Our in-house lab is a certified member of CCIL and is capable of conducting a wide variety of tests. We have also achieved the certification of Recognition (COR) from the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association. With staff available on hand, our shop is equipped to assess and rectify any mechanical issue that may arise from any of the equipment within our fleet.

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Fermar also has a gravel pit; Greenfield Gravel Pit, located in Ayr, Ontario. The pit was acquired in 1988 and produces strictly virgin materials such as sand and gravel, and can accept recycled materials.

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Our experienced team at Fermar are ready to understand your project objectives and bring your vision to life.

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