Having started out over 50 years ago, the paving component of Fermar is still an integral part of the business and as such, our team is constantly educating themselves on new products and new methods to ensure that we continue to be a leader in this market. With the highest quality of products available to our fleet (as we produce our own asphalt mixes) and with a testing laboratory on site, Fermar ensures that each paving project undertaken is provided with superior materials and equipment to carry out any project without issue. In addition, Fermar is a member of the Ontario Road Builders Association (ORBA) and the Ontario Asphalt Pavement Council (OAPC) with staff having previously sat on the executive board.


Most of the projects undertaken require the removal of asphalt, at Fermar; having the equipment to do so, is capable of undertaking this work on their own. Our asphalt milling machines require a skilled operator to run in echelon with trucks that then offload the excavated material to one of our plants where it is recycled and used as RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) in some of our asphalt mixes and granular products. In addition to being an accompaniment to some of our asphalt products, the RAP can also be used on projects such as constructing access roads, lay-down areas and other similar work. By doing so, Fermar is committed to being environmentally conscious by using recycled materials as well as providing our Clients with a financially responsible alternative to their budgets


“We Crush It”
Fermar owns and operates a variety of portable track crushers to meet the needs of our clients. We are able to mobilize to both large and small sites for almost any quantity that you require. We are capable of producing the most consistent product possible, meeting the gradation requirements for gravel, concrete, asphalt and clear stones.


Using the latest equipment incorporating G.P.S. capabilities, Fermars’ elite fleet of grading equipment is prepared to take on any project of any size with any scope or level of difficulty. Our highly experienced team is skilled and efficient when looking at any project which will effectively expedite the construction process and ensure continued productivity. It is crucial that all grades are accurate as everything else that follows in the process is based off it. Fermar’s keen attention to detail provides the formula required to execute any project from it’s inception, thereby ensuring the overall success.


Fermar specializes in heavy civil infrastructure work, commercial projects and the construction of rail infrastructure, all which require some form of excavation on any project. We understand the importance of executing a project to meet the Client’s specifications, and with our extensive fleet of equipment; which includes bulldozers, dump trucks, loaders and of course, excavators, we can do this with confidence. Our senior Project Managers and supervisory staff on site ensure that equipment is being used properly and safely; while maximizing it’s capabilities, to ensure that the overall efficiency of the work being carried out is at the highest level of production thereby minimizing costs to the Client.


There are always different ways of constructing a project, but at Fermar we strive to execute any project with efficiency and accuracy. Slip forming is the method in which we can ensure that the concrete product we are constructing is the most consistent as this process is completely undertaken by machinery. We are able to produce curbs, highway medians and some wall types using our owned and operated machinery. Meeting all standard OPSD specifications for curbs and two of the most common specifications for highway medians and walls, we produce a cleaner more consistent product and can expedite the construction schedule through the use of our slip forming machinery. If required, we are also capable of procuring the forms needed to undertake a project for which we do not have molds for, which means Fermar can take on any project and execute it to perfection.


Some concrete products require that the product itself be constructed by hand as opposed to machinery, this would include all concrete sidewalks, some curbs, dolly pads, reinforced concrete and slabs on grade. Fermar and it’s team of specialized labourers are skilled and efficient to carry out this work as it requires extreme attention to detail to ensure the consistency and overall finished product exceed the expectations of any Client.


The Quality Control Department at Fermar manages the production and quality of the asphalt plant and monitors onsite quality for asphalt, concrete, granular, and earth. The Fermar QC lab allows us to provide great quality products with consistency at a more competitive price due to the in-house cost savings of our QC team. While we know that a client may monitor QC through consulting engineering firms, we maintain our own strict quality assurance program and are happy to share testing results with you.


We are equipped to handle any scale of Snow and Ice Management, from parking lots to highways. We have what you need to maintain your surfaces all year round.


Our experienced team at Fermar are ready to understand your project objectives and bring your vision to life.

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