The project was for construction of a new commuter carpool lot on the southwest corner of Highway 404 and Major Mackenzie Drive.

The contract included clearing and grubbing, excavation, the supply and placement of granular materials, the supply and placement of asphalt , the removal of various items such as asphalt, concrete curbs and gutters as well as pipes, culverts and fencing. The project required the supply and installation of various sized underground pipes and culverts as well as the installation of fencing. In addition to same, geotextiles and landscaping were undertaken as well as electrical work, signage and line painting and traffic control. Lastly, bike racks were installed as well as concrete bus pads and bus and bike shelters for individuals using and accessing the facility.

This project was a joint commuter parking lot, specialty signage was procured and displayed for both the GO Bus Transit as well as the York Region VIVA Bus Transit. The Safety of the community was put as a priority while construction was underway and Bioretention cells were constructed while specialty signage was procured to display the schedules.



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