The project was for the reconstruction of Tremaine Road from Derry Road to Britannia Road in the Town of Milton.

The contract included but was not limited to the widening of Tremaine Road to six lanes as well as the construction of two large roundabouts, underground servicing and all other work associated such as fencing, concrete work and landscaping. This project was located within the regulated lands of the Niagara Escarpment, which is a low laying wetland area that is environmentally sensitive. As a result, all approvals for work to be completed was required to funnel through both organizations prior to commencement. An open footing culvert extension was completed at Indian Creek as well as the existing channel was diverted in order to install the culvert extension and also the existing culvert was rehabilitated. Once all culvert work was completed, a new channel was installed with stabilized slopes.

Environmental protection and weekly inspections were undertaken as well as tracked and reported in order to comply with all environmental protection requirements and submitted to both the Niagara Escarpment Commission as well as Conservation Halton.



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